The Best Wedding Planner Journal in Ireland

Some couples want the convenience of a good wedding planning package. Who can blame them? Wedding planning packages give you a good deal and reduce allot of the stress that goes along with planning a wedding.


There are some things you should know before you select a wedding planning package. I’m going to give you some tips that will help guide you through the process of selecting the right one.

Compare Prices

One of the most important things you can do is make sure you are getting a good deal. Compare the package you are being offered to what it what cost you to take care of the planning yourself.

You can expect to pay a little more for package. This is do to the fact that you don’t have to do any work in terms of planning. But if the price is too hight then you may not want to go with a package.

Consider A Destination Wedding

An area where wedding packages are very useful is for destination weddings. It can be very difficult to plan a wedding in another location all by yourself. Consider having your destination wedding in a location that is affordable.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Before you select a wedding package you want to make certain that you are compatible with the person who will be overseeing your wedding. Make sure that they have a good understanding of what your vision is.

Reviews And Meetings

Finally, make sure that any package you select includes lots of reviews, meetings, and contacts with the planner who will oversee your wedding. Without this you won’t be able to make sure that your wedding is being planning the way you want.

Wedding Articles

History of wedding Invitaitons

Well where does the history and legacy of wedding invitations come from? Our research into the history of sending wedding invitations has revealed that the sending of wedding invitations goes back to the days of the town crier – as far back as 1447. This is from the days when weddings in England were typically announced by means of a Town crier, he would walk through the streets making announcements and news via his incredibly loud.  Wait for this, traditionally, anyone within earshot became part of the celebration, imagine what that would do for your wedding budget, what you saved on the wedding invitations could be spent on the Hog.

Make sure that your wedding videographer comes recommended

The history to commercially printed wedding stationery can be found in the period immediately following World War two;  like today the brides and groom of this time wanted to be able to replicate and emulate and mimic the life-styles and materialism of society’s elite.  This was all possible from a combination of democratic society and rapid industrial growth which gave the common man the ability to demonstrate his standing in society. We also believe that the  engagement ring should cost the groom to be at least one months earnings – hence why the commoners of the day had slim rings fabricated from animal bone decorated with wild flowers of the season.

Growth in the use of wedding stationery was also enabled by the development of thermography and digital printers. Although it lacks the fineness and distinctiveness of engraving, thermography is a less expensive method of achieving raised type. This technique is often referred to as the poor man’s engraving,  it does however produce a lovely shiny, raised lettering without impressing the surface of the paper stock – which I understand that traditional engraving can damage the paper stock if the process is not mastered. Therefore wedding invitations can either be printed, engraved, embossed and gold leafed, not all approaches were affordable to all.

A really beautiful innovation is that of Letterpress printing, this has made a strong resurgence for classical and modern wedding invitations. It has a certain elegance and finesse to the finish and feel.  It has also been said that they are boutique and craft appeal due to the deep impression which is possible from the technology. Many letterpress firms that specialize in wedding bands of Ireland invitations are using really old original letter presses from the 1960s. It can be expensive when compared to digital printed wedding invitations, most companies will offer the same design in either digital or letter press.

The latest innovation is that of Laser engraving, this produces a really delicate and classical finish.  This laser technology was originally used for producing medical equipment but has been making headway in the wedding invitation market over the last few years.  Another key use is for the for engraving wood veneer invitations, it can also be used to engrave acrylic, or to mark certain types of metal wedding invitations.

It can be seen in this article that the technology for delivering and manufacturing wedding invitations has evolved over time, no doubt that e-cards will eventually be used for weddings. I do hope that we maintain the romantic tradition of sending wedding invitations, and don’t rely and sending a text message out to your family and friends!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

 So You have set the date, booked the venue and started to think about the length of your guest list – once you have revised the list you can send out the invitations.

Send wedding invitations was in the past  a formal exercise with strict traditions, today things are more relaxed. For example, evening invitation can be used for guests who are not invited to the main ceremony and reception but to an evening reception/party.

The invitations can use a similar form to the wedding invitation and the same key pieces of information apply.

Splitting your guest list between full and evening only invites can seem fraught with a few people seeing an evening invite as somehow second class. Once you have made your decisions, just be clear and unapologetic if anyone is rude enough to question your selection.

Make sure it is clear that it is an evening reception invitation.

Most people will expect some kind of refreshment to be served at an evening reception – if you are serving only light snacks, canapés or no food then it’s a good idea to let them know.

It is generally not acceptable to include a gift list with evening invitations – wait for your guests to ask, with that said they are your invites so do what you consider is best for your wedding. It is a good idea to send RSVP cards which are fairly recent development – traditionally your guests would use their own stationery or purchase a card when replying to a wedding invitation.

Today, it is common to include a reply card with wedding invitations which can be a great help in your wedding organisation. A RSVP  card makes it easy for your guests to respond and you are more likely to get acceptances/declines in good time. – you can also include other little details and information if you are having personalised wedding stationery.  Albeit, they are not essential and if your budget canb not stretch to this then this is one area where you can cut back without offending anyone!

There is usually no need to include RSVP cards with evening invitations unless you require exact numbers – providing an email address or phone number is sufficient.

On the reply card you should include a space for the guests to write their names, a place to indicate if they will/will not attend and the total number of guests. You can also include other details like meal options.

The Latest Wedding Invitation Trends

My top tip would be to go with the season and location that you are getting married in.

Stripes are good whether they’re vertical, horizontal, multicolored, or in shades of your signature hue. Our pick? An elegant script style juxtaposed with a playful pinstripe border — the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Bejeweled can still be popular with fancy embellishing on your invitation with small rhinestones, tiny pearl-toned beads, or miniature Swarovski crystals makes a low-key invitation style fashionable. You nay decide to Go Bold abd use the use plenty of color (like a lovely sunshine wedding invitation) whish is a recent wedding trend.  We have also notice that white is making a comeback in an unexpected way, but with that said we seeing bright color wedding card stock with beautiful elegant white type. What we found is that papers in fabulously rich purple hues with white lettering look really good for winter weddings.

Stressing over whether the response card goes inside its envelope and over the direction card? You’ll be glad to know today’s invitation designers are making pouches and pockets to keep your papers in order or even including all the details in DL sized invitations. The tri-ifold invitation keeps all of the sections neatly tucked away. You can introduce your wedding colors with this concept — choose one color for the card stock, another for the type and ribbon, and a third for the envelopes – do go mad, too much colour does not always work.

Nothing says wedding like fresh  flowers, especially the real-thing. Check out the local florist selection and take alng your colour theme to ensure you theme runs throughout the wedding. Check out their artificial three-dimensional orchid, these can be really cool. Tip: For the ultimate in personalization, put your bloom signature on your invitations.

Couture Texture

Using unique materials for your invitation is the newest idea on the market, albeit the cost of the stock can be 400% greater so make sure you set your budget and stick to it. We’ve seen invites stitched into fabric or burned onto wood. Motifs patterns are gaining huge popularity with the new bride and grooms. Your invitation designer may even be able to create a unique pattern based on your gown, for example a ring of rosettes, a favourite animal etc etc square of lace appliqué. We fell in love with this vintage damask floral pattern.

What’s the new position on the monograms, Simplify it, like a traditional invite that pairs your first initial with his.  Saving the suspense is so over so why not introduce your wedding motif on your invitation envelopes?